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RealWorld Icon Editor (64-bit version)

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RealWorld Icon Editor is really four programs: a basic photo editor, a 3D modeler, a picture creator, and a tool that makes static icons from these images. The icon-creation tool automatically generates a variety of sizes from 16 pixels square to 256 pixels square; a choice of smooth edges, 256 colors, or 16 colors; and allows you to save a variety of formats optimizing your image as an icon, avatar, or favicon for either PC or Mac.

Turning a photo into an image suitable for making into an icon will be familiar to anyone who's used a photo editor. Open any .jpg, .tif, .psd, .gif, .png, or .bmp file in RealWorld Icon Editor and crop, resize, touch-up, and paint over the image using paintbrush, eraser, and fill tools. You can also add stock images, backgrounds, and textures from an included library of royalty-free graphics and dingbats, or just add text and draw freehand.

Icon Editor will save the adapted image as a .jpg, .bmp, or .png at your original resolution, however large, meaning that you don't need a separate graphic design program to match your icons, avatars, favicons, and even logos and other art in your Web and print branding. Once you have your basic design saved in its native format, one button click will send it to the next step: transforming it into multiple icons, avatars, or favicons.

RealWorld Icon Editor's 3D design tools reside at the steeper end of the learning curve. You can create simple 3D objects made from preformed geometric shapes--arrow, box, cone, cylinder, prism, pyramid, sphere, slope, tank, tetrahedron, or torus--or text, to which you can add drop shadows, tweak, stretch, rotate, and change the light source. In addition, Icon Editor can take existing 3D models and allow you to define and save snapshots with custom camera and lighting parameters.

If you're new to 3D design and modeling, this aspect of RealWorld Icon Editor can be intimidating. But knowing the difference between the extrusion surface and the surface of revolution doesn't matter all that much unless you are trying to create a specific design. Getting your desired effect may come down to watching a video tutorial and then spinning, flipping, and stretching the object until it looks right.

You can continue to tweak your image after saving it as an avatar, icon, or favicon. Add a projected shadow or drop shadow, sharpen your image, even add text. In addition, RealWorld adds two utilities that make Icon Editor exceptional: the ability to independently tweak different sized icons starting from the same image, and a perpetual preview--essential for making sure your tiny favicon works just as well as your avatar or your original file, but still looks like it's uniquely yours.

Icon Editor doesn't make animated icons, which is a little disappointing, and its $47 pricetag is on the high side for a simple icon editor. Picture To Icon costs $40, and Icon Office $30. However, considering Icon Editor's features that these other programs lack, including 3D modeling, high res-image editing, and photo editing tools, if you need a program to create cross-branded and various format icons and other images, this is the one to use.

Regardless of your experience level, RealWorld Icon Editor can help you create very professional-looking graphics with a bit of effort and minimal cost.

Note:This software comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This is the 64-bit version, which is for 64-bit PCs running a 64-bit OS. If your PC is running a different supported OS, please download the 32-bit version instead.

--Clare Brandt

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At a Glance
  • RealWorld Icon Editor is a feature rich icon maker and extractor.


    • Smartly created; affordable; helpful tutorials


    • 3D modeling complex; no animation
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