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Swift To-Do List

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Feel as if you can't keep up with all of the things you need to do at work, at home, and beyond? Give Swift To-Do List a try. This simple-to-use task organizer makes it easy to keep track of all your to-dos so that you don't lose sight of them, and it helps make sure you get them done.

Adding a task to Swift To-Do List is a simple matter of filling out a simple form. If you want to keep a task as straightforward as possible, just fill in its name and date, and you're done. It will show up on your to-do list until you finish it and mark it as done. But you can do much more when creating a task. You can set reminders and include notes, and better yet, include attachments so that you won't need to hunt around for important files you need to finish the task. It's also easy to set it as a recurring task.

Organizing and viewing everything is easy as well. You can create multiple to-do lists, for example one for work, one for home, and so on. And you can even create sub-lists, so that you can have multiple work lists. Searching and filtering is simple, so it's easy to find any task that needs to get done. You can also easily prioritize tasks. The program also includes a basic Contact list, which is useful. And Swift To-Do List is small enough that you can put it on a USB flash drive, and take it, and all your to-dos, with you wherever you go.

That simplicity can be a bit of a problem, though. There's no calendar, so that you can't see on a calendar page everything you need to do, for example. Swift To-Do List is certainly a useful program, with a nice mix of simplicity and features. But $45 may be too steep a price to pay for what it offers. Your best bet is to give it a try and see if it makes $45 worth of difference in your life. If you're looking for something even more basic and free, you can try out Google's Tasks feature, available in Gmail and on other Google sites.

--Preston Gralla

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Swift To-Do List

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