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I've run into some ugly interfaces and annoying demos in my time, but PowerCopy 4.1 Home Clone takes that prize. That said, despite no updates in several years, this imaging program seems to work (the software equivalent of having a great personality...) as well as advertised in my testing. The company is not bashful about its speed claims. It's also the smallest imaging program I've yet to run into by a large margin--that 845KB you see in the file size field is not a typo and means you can fit it on a floppy.

The screenshot does this program no justice. It's a character-based utility in a DOS-box that uses the most garish array of color combinations imaginable. While it's a bit difficult to discern the instructions because of the color assault, it's doable and the program seemed to work.

Unfortunately, there's no way to completely test Powercopy Home Clone using the demo as you're not allowed to restore an image, or use the verify function. Also, the demo halts at approximately the 25%, 50%, and 85% marks, so you can dismiss a dialog to continue the backup. As far as I could tell, the program succeeded in imaging the 18GB partition I set it to work on in about 12 minutes. There was certainly an image present split into 2GB segments, as well as a restore .bat file.

The company claims it has a better-looking, friendlier version in the works. In an odd way, I hope they retain the over the top color scheme--for some reason the GUI has grown on me. Pro versions have a peer-to-peer transfer function that operates via a parallel cable which could be extremely handy in some rare situations with legacy fleets of PCs.

--Jon L. Jacobi

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Powercopy Home Clone

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