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Clicking the icon brings up a menu that allows you to search for the term among a variety of Web sites, such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Maps, and the usual search sites. If it recognizes the text as an address, name or other particular type of data it will offer best guess search options such as "Google Map this address."

Results display in a small, resizeable pop-up window instead of the browser. You can click a button to send the page to your default browser, or minimize it to a hidden docking bar for later reference. To get to the docking bar, hover your mouse along the top middle part of your desktop.

You can also bring up a search bar by clicking the utility's system tray icon or hitting a customizable hotkey combination to search for typed-in text among any of the sites accessible through KallOut.

KallOut makes a commonplace task a little faster and smoother, and allows you to get the search data you're after with minimal interruption. It's a nice little tool that used about 21MB of memory on my test machine.

--Erik Larkin

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder KallOut

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