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First off, NoteScraps is not a sticky note program (like NoteZilla, for instance). I was a bit taken aback when I realized this, because the program's Web site displays an image of yellow sticky notes on a monitor. Once I got over my surprise, though, I discovered that NoteScraps is a well-designed and useful little "random information manager," as the maker describes it. NoteScraps is like a notebook in which you jot miscellaneous notes--only you can easily find the information you need, rather than needing to flip through pages and decipher your scribbles.

NoteScraps loads on startup and sits in your system tray. To open the interface, click the program's icon or press a hotkey combo. Within the NoteScraps interface, click the Newnote button to open a note, then start typing. Click anywhere within the interface to leave the note; it's saved automatically. To change a note's color, right-click it and select one of the five pastel hues. To search your notes, type a search term in the Find field; the notes rearrange themselves so that the ones you're looking for float to the top of the window. The most recent notes appear on top; unfortunately, you can't rearrange your notes.

Every note is added to the ongoing NoteScraps.txt file, which lives in My Documents/NoteScraps. You can open this file in a text editor like Notepad at any time, even while the program is running. The only way to print out your notes is by printing this code-laden file, which isn't particularly easy to read.

The NoteScraps interface is clean and uncluttered, stylish even. Click the question mark icon to read the brief tutorial if you find the interface too minimal at first.

Anyone who employs well-worn notebooks to jot down random bits of information should give NoteScraps a try. The free trial version allows only ten notes, but has no time limit.

Note: The download link takes you to the NoteScraps Web site, where you can download the appropriate trial version; there are separate versions for Windows XP and Vista.

--Kim Saccio-Kent

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder NoteScraps

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