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Users spend more time on Facebook than on any other single online destination. With a pool of 700 million users sharing updates, photos, videos, and links, the social network is also a prime target for malware and phishing scams. BitDefender developed the SafeGo Facebook app to help protect you from attacks while using Facebook.

The whole point of Facebook is to be social. There is a level of inherent security expected, because the posts, links, etc. are coming from people you have a relationship with, and trust enough to include in your social circle...unless they're not. It didn't take cyber thugs long to figure out that the expectation of trust can be exploited to dupe victims into clicking on malicious links and opening malicious files.

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BitDefender provides the Safego Facebook app to protect your social network.
The SafeGo Facebook page explains, "Using in-the-cloud scanning, Bitdefender Safego protects your social network account from all sorts of e-trouble: scams, spam, malware and private data exposure."

There has been a lot of attention lately on privacy with the emergence of Google+. Many feel that the Circles paradigm of Google+ offers a better security and privacy model than Facebook. That may be true for some, but the reality is that Facebook has privacy controls if you just know how to use them. Safego analyzes your Facebook privacy settings and lets you know if there are any items you should fix.

BitDefender SafeGo monitors for scams and malicious posts on Facebook and alerts you to keep you safe. It also has an option to Publish warnings about malicious posts directly on the respective friend's Facebook Wall to let them know, and to try and alert anyone else who may come across the malicious post.

The BitDefender Safego dashboard displays at a glance info for your Facebook security.
The BitDefender Safego dashboard shows you at a glance the most recent posts that have been scanned, as well as any that have been identified as infected with malware of some sort. Items that are identified as malicious have a button next to them so you can warn the friend that posted the offending message.

At the bottom of the Safego dashboard is the Friend o' Meter, and QuickScan. The Friend o' Meter lets you know how many of your friends are running Safego as well--ostensibly making those even safer friends to socialize with--and it has a button you can use to invite the rest of your friends to join the Safego party. The QuickScan button performs an on-demand scan of your PC for any signs of malware.

With the rise in socially engineered attacks that prey on the inherent trust of social networks, a tool like BitDefender Safego is a good idea. It doesn't seem to affect or impede the functionality of the PC or Facebook itself in any way, and it offers a layer of protection for your PC and your privacy.

[Author's Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I recently did a freelance writing project for BitDefender to create a white paper related to BitDefender Safego. It is because of my experience researching and writing that white paper that I have insight on this tool, but BitDefender has nothing to do with this post.]

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