A Google+ Love Fest Displayed in Fan Memes

Google's new social network, Google+, is drumming up a lot of Internet enthusiasm--and disdain for the reigning monarch of the genre: Facebook. Take a look at how the memes are multiplying.

Let the Internet Memes Roll!

It's too early to tell whether Google+ will be a hit, but perhaps it's a good sign that users are already expressing their feelings for Google's social network through hilarious images.

Call it Google+ propaganda if you will, but these images have quickly gone viral--or at least as viral as images can get on a service that's invite-only. Here are some of the best.

Google+ Club

Tom Anderson, former president of MySpace, is behind a lot of these, including this Fight Club-based parody of Google+'s super secretive nature. Good sport. [Via Tom Anderson]

Fourth of July with Google+

Well, this would've made the American Revolution a lot easier. [Via Dave Besbris]

The Social Evolution

LiveJournal gets no respect. [Via Yamato Sim]

Google+ Gang Sign

I'm not sure if Facebook ever got a gang sign, but at least Google+ members now have a way to signal their devotion in meatspace. Still, probably not a good idea to flash this gesture in your town's seedier areas. [Via Jason Julias]

Google+ Animated GIF Montage

Unfortunately our slideshow technology is not advanced enough to deliver animated GIFs directly. But follow the links to see Facebook get slapped in the face, destroyed in a fit of rage, knocked down some stairs and dominated in pool.

Gollum Loves Google+

One might argue that Google+ draws all its power from Circles, which let users decide who sees what by placing people into groups. Gollum obviously concurs. [Via Dave Besbris]

Get a Load of This Google+ Hipster

Hipster or not, that dog is adorable, at least until it starts clogging your feed with a list of all the bad indie music it's been listening to lately. [Via Tom Anderson]

Facebook Shows Its Age

I see this as more of a commentary on tech culture in general. After a while, everything old starts to look like the picture on the left.

The Good Ship Google+

Somewhere in here, there's a stinging commentary on the feeble relationship between Facebook, Microsoft and Skype. But what I want to know is why none of Google's crew is helping out with this crisis. Oh that's right--revenge. [Via Milos Janata]

The Most Interesting Social Network in the World

His status updates include a +100 button. Before the service was even online, he had to invite Google. His beard has its own social circle. He is the most interesting man in the world. [Via Tom Anderson]

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