Real or Fake? 10 Big Celebrities on Google+

Wondering when celebrities would start discovering Google+? They already have. Or have they? Here's a look at 10 famous personalities that claim to be using the site.

Real or fake?

If you search through Google+ you're bound to find all kinds of profiles claiming to be celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher and Angelina Jolie. Even the president is on Google+, isn't he? Well, maybe this pictureless Barack Obama is the real deal. Without an official seal from Google, it's anybody's guess who owns these famous Google+ profiles. So for now it's up to users to separate the faux-lebrities from the real deal. What's your call? Take a look at these profiles then decide: Real or fake?

Lady Gaga

There are at least three Lady Gagas with a Google profile, but only one is posting stuff to Google+. This profile looks the most credible, but it could also be a fan pulling information off Lady Gaga's official Twitter feed. Compare, for example, this official Twitter post to this one on Google+.

Britney Spears

Is this the femme fatale herself (or her management) posting tour news to Google+? This profile claims to be official and has links to Britney's official Twitter account, Tumblr, Website and YouTube channel. But those sites aren't linking back to Google+.

Justin Bieber

Google+ definitely has Bieber fever judging by all the Justin Bieber profiles there are. This one appears to be the most popular, real or fake?

Rebecca Black

I'm calling fake on this one. Everybody knows Rebecca Black's profile would only be viewable on Friday, Friday.

Miley Cyrus

The teenage pop star stopped in long enough to ask her Google+ fans to vote for Miley Cyrus in the Teen Choice Awards. But is it really her?

Ashton Kutcher

Ever since Ashton Kutcher landed on Twitter, the actor has taken an interest in tech and is even an angel investor in start-ups such as Air BnB. But is he interested enough in technology to participate in a Google+ field test?

Alyssa Milano

Who's the boss of Alyssa Milano's Google+ activity? Let's just say this hint might leave you charmed.

Newt Gingrich

Technically, a politician isn't a celebrity, but the Republican presidential hopeful is big on Google+. He's apparently gathering ideas from his followers and participating in Google+ Hangouts (video chat). What's your guess? Is it the real Newt Gingrich? Here's a hint.

Charlie Sheen

More than 100 people are following this Charlie Sheen account on Google+. One question: Are they winning?

Kevin Smith

The director, writer and (mostly) silent actor loves to tweet, but is Kevin Smith also hanging out on Google+?

Bonus: Darth Vader

Where there's tech, there's bound to be a few Star Wars references and about six Darth Vaders. But only one dark lord account on Google+ links back to the hilarious @DarthVader on Twitter.

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