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If you share a lot of photos and documents with friends and colleagues, you probably know all too well how annoying it can be to have to upload pictures to one service and files to another. A simple little service called can relieve you of that annoyance without demanding much of your time or energy--and without dipping into your bank account. doesn't do much, but what it does do, it does very well. Create a free account and then click Select files to create a share. Any files you upload to the share will coexist on a single short URL, as in If, after creating a share, you decide you want to add more files to it, you can click the Add files button within the share to select more. You can create as many shares as you like, and send them to whomever you so desire.

Each share page includes links to send the share to Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. The e-mail option uses's simplified mail interface, but you can opt to send the message via your desktop mail client instead ('s interface specifically refers to Outlook, but it works with other apps, including Apple Mail).

The downside to is that all files expire after 90 days, so you can't use a given share as a permanent repository of files. For most of us, I suspect, this isn't much of an issue, since we usually only care about any given shared file for a few months anyway. If you want a more permanent photo sharing service, there's always Flickr or PicasaWeb. And services like Dropbox make it easy enough to share files on a more permanent basis. The trade-off here is simpler sharing, reduced permanence.

I like the transient nature of, because it gives me the flexibility to send collections of files to my colleagues without forcing me to curate my account later on. The shares simply disappear on their own after the expiration date, and I can keep looking forward without turning back to manage old junk.

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