IFTTT breaking news alerts: Get personalized news sent to your phone with this Feed Rinse super-recipe

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4. Set up Feed Rinse filters

After the feeds are imported, we need to set up our filters. Click the your channels tab and click modify channel next to the channel you want to edit.

Your filters can allow or block posts based on the filters you set. We’re going to allow only posts that mention the terms “Windows 8,” “Surface Pro” and “Android” in the post title.  This will match any article that contains those terms in the article headline.

Feed Rinse channel filters Alex Campbell

Feed Rinse can filter channels and feeds by keywords found in the author’s name, the post title, or the post body. You can add multiple filters per feed or channel.

You may also be able to filter for terms for the author, the article body, or even tags. This can be useful to follow your favorite writers, or find articles that may be related to a subject, even if the term's not in the headline. However, the RSS feed has to support those additional filters for them to be available to you. 

After you’ve set up the filters for the feeds you want, click Save changes.

You can set filters for individual feeds as well under the ‘your feeds’ tab.

5. Set up IFTTT recipe for the rinsed feed

In the ‘your feeds’ tab, click the icon next to the feed channel you just created. A drop-down box will appear, giving you options for outputting different formats for different feed readers. Select other to get the raw XML.

Feed Rinse get XML Alex Campbell

Feed Rinse offers feed output for a number of different programs.

Before you copy the URL of the RSS feed, take a moment to check the XML document in your browser to make sure the filter is working. If you see any entries inside of <item> tags, ensure that the headlines and descriptions, inside of <title> and <description> tags respectively, match your search criteria.

If you look at the screenshot below, you will see that our search criteria match content in the the <title> tags of the items.

Feed Rinse channel RSS URL Alex Campbell

Feed Rinse will produce a new RSS feed URL for channels or individual feeds.

If you see a bunch of entries that clearly don’t match your filter criteria, go back and edit the filters for the channel. If you still get entries you don’t want, try removing the channel and re-creating it.

If the XML document doesn’t have any <item> entries in it, don’t worry. RSS feeds show only the latest articles (usually around 10 or so) in order to save bandwidth.  It is very possible there simply aren’t any recent articles that meet your criteria.

Next, go back to IFTTT and create a new recipe using the Feed channel (the channel has a feed icon) with the trigger ‘New feed item.’ Paste in the URL of the XML file you got from the Feed Rinse channel into the text field labeled ‘Feed URL.’

Add Feed Rinse RSS URL to IFTTT Alex Campbell

Feed Rinse’s filtering capabilities are more powerful and specific than IFTTT’s built-in RSS feed search triggers. By copying the Feed Rinse channel’s RSS URL into a IFTTT trigger, you can use filtered feeds with IFTTT actions.

Click Create Trigger to move on to the next step.

Create the recipe's action by clicking on the the SMS channel (the icon will be a big green speech bubble with the text “SMS” inside it).  Next, create the format of the SMS texts you want to receive.

When you’re done, click Create Action.

IFTTT SMS trigger Alex Campbell

You can customize the format of your SMS messages in the IFTTT SMS action field.

Finally, give your recipe a name and click Create Recipe.

Finished IFTTT recipe Alex Campbell

Create a memorable name for your recipe when you’re finished.  IFTTT recipes can easily be switched on and off in IFTTT’s web interface, or in the service’s iOS or Android apps.

6. Wait for the news

IFTTT checks recipes every 15 minutes, so news updates will be frequent, if not instantaneous. However, it will save time when compared to sifting through multiple RSS streams.

Some RSS readers like Feedly may have trouble reading updates from Feed Rinse. If you want to save articles for later, you can create an IFTTT recipe to send rinsed articles to other services like Evernote or Pocket.

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