Art Project Writes Out Your Email in Pen, Gives You Geeky Nostalgia

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When was the last time you wrote a letter--that is, actual, pen-on-paper letter-writing action--to a friend or family member? Hard to recall, right? Now, when was the last time you sent an email? Probably much more recently. Now, you can get that hint of geeky nostalgia with Snail Mail My Email as well as giving someone the gift of handwritten communications.

The website is a quirky art project by Ivan Cash, which is operating for one month starting July 15th. Simply type out your message as you would an email, and the site will then get someone to handwrite your message and send it to your recipient for free. The aim of the project is to prove that the lost art of letter writing still holds voalue over the "instant gratification" of sending an email or IM. The map to show how far letters fly all over the world is pretty cool, too.

Head over to the project's Flickr page to see some of the letters wrtten out so far, some complete with drawings!

So, if you think your parents might appreciate a letter forged in pen ink rather than pixels on a screen (especially if they're not the most technically minded!), maybe help out Ivan and give the website a go. The gratification he mentions may not be instant, but it will certainly be just as rewarding.

[Snail Mail My Email / Photo: Bevan Weir on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)]

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