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Fun times in the intern corral!!

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Albert's Impromtu Lecture

Albert likes to lecture us on random topics. Last week, we waxed poetic about the intricacies of international fiscal policy. Today, he explained the mechanics of flying cars.

The Robot!

Nobody's entirely sure where this robot came from. Or what it does. 


It sure freaks out Armando, though.

Tablet Battles!

The interns love their tablets. Maybe a little too much. Sometimes Armando and Albert come to blows over them. Silly interns.

Serious Business.

But being a PCWorld intern isn't all play and no work. Nosiree; sometimes the interns must suit up. For being an intern is serious, serious business, as Armando can attest. Attest, Armando!

OS 8

Fun times in the intern corral!

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