E3 2014: What to expect when the game industry invades Los Angeles

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Seeing is believing

Hardware won't be nearly as important this year as last year, but there are a number of experiments on the horizon worth paying attention to.

Oculus blew apart March's Game Developers Conference by revealing the amazing Dev Kit 2, the first purchasable hardware update since the original Oculus Rift virtual reality headset shipped over a year ago. Does the team have something more in store for E3? Hard to say. We're all waiting on the consumer Rift, but I don't know if we're going to get a release date yet.

morpheus developer

Expect Sony's Project Morpheus headset for the PS4 to make an appearance at E3; Oculus will also be at the show.

I fully expect to hear more about Sony's Project Morpheus headset during the press conference, though. Sony's a sucker for showing off peripherals during E3, and this is a great chance to show off the gadget to the gaming community at large.

Does Microsoft jump into the VR war too, as consolation for losing the Kinect battle? Be still, my heart.

And just like GDC, we'll no doubt be bombarded on the show floor with shoddy VR also-rans and weird "immersive" tech. I look forward to strapping on some arm bands, wearing a power glove, running on a hamster wheel, or whatever else companies plan to sell to me as "the future of gaming" this year.

originpc chronos 1160

Will Steam Machines like Origin's Chronos be at E3, or will the delay of the Steam Controller spill over to the "PC consoles" themselves?

And don't forget the big hardware question mark: Steam Machines. Valve recently announced it would have to delay the release of the oh-so-crucial Steam Controller to 2015, potentially pushing the whole enterprise back a year. Do we get confirmation of that at the show? Do we get our hands on one of the fabled Steam Machines at the show? We'll see. I certainly hope so.

Hell freezes over

Cue the Journey track. Some dreams will never die.

Half-Life 3? The Last Guardian? Fallout 4? A sequel to Red Dead Redemption? A new Tony Hawk? Don't hold your breath… but hope.

Live from Los Angeles

If you aren't at E3, no big deal—all the major press conferences are being streamed this year. Watch from the comfort of your own home. If you want an authentic experience, make sure not to shower for three days ahead of time, turn your thermostat up to a balmy 90 degrees inside, and consume nothing but Doritos and Mountain Dew for four days.

Monday, June 9 (Press Conference Day)

Tuesday, June 10

Once the show has actually started, you can find official E3 content on Twitch.tv. The team over there will be showing off footage of a number of unreleased (and even some unannounced) games for six or seven hours each day.

And, of course, stay tuned to PCWorld and TechHive, our sister sites. We'll be on the floor and bringing you the E3 news that you need to know, starting Monday.

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