Apple iPad, Day 18: Connecting to a PC From the iPad

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I entered my LogMeIn account credentials. There is an option to save them so you don't have to enter them each time, but I am paranoid and prefer not to save credentials. Once logged in, the app displays the computers associated with my LogMeIn account, and which are currently online and available.

LogMeIn Ignition uses a clever collection of gestures to navigate the remote PC from the iPad.
There are two ways to connect to the PC--either as a remote desktop, or just to access the files. In either case, you have to enter a username and password for the PC you are connecting to. These credentials can be saved as well, but I'll just type them in each time.

I'm not sure if it's a function of the LogMeIn Ignition app, the iPad 2, my PC, or my Wi-Fi network, but it took quite a while to think about it before finally connecting to my PC. Once connected, the app displays a cheat sheet explaining the multitouch gestures used by the app so I can understand how to interact with and navigate the remote PC using the iPad display. It is actually a fairly clever collection of gestures, including a three finger swipe that lets you switch between multiple monitors.

Logging into the file management tool displays a list of all of the available drives--local, removable, and network--connected to the remote PC. It also lists My Desktop and My Documents. It is not as zippy or comprehensive as the Files Connect app, but the Files Connect app only works when the iPad and PC are sharing the same network, so it won't do any good if I am across the country and need a file.

Files viewed in LogMeIn Ignition can be opened in other appropriate apps like iWork Pages.
The LogMeIn Ignition app lets me open, copy, move, rename, delete, or email any file from the PC. The app lets you view open files, or you can tap the Open In button at the upper right to open the file in some other app where you can do more with it.

The capabilities of LogMeIn Ignition are impressive. The app lets you transfer files and folders between remote PCs, store files from the remote PC locally on the iPad, and even keep the local files updated with any changes that have been made on the remote PC. The app can also wake remote PCs that are sleeping, and it can print to AirPrint compatible printers.

Like I said, it seems like cheating. But, I can see installing the LogMeIn Free software on my wife's PC, and my kids' PCs, and being able to remotely configure or troubleshoot them if need be. Putting that in a more professional context, an IT admin could use a tool like LogMeIn Ignition to set up remote desktop connections with critical servers, enabling them to easily connect with those systems remotely from the iPad.

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