Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news

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This is it—the last week before E3. The "calm before the storm" was a lie. Instead, we had a ton of trailers and announcements this week, as publishers try to get out ahead of the E3 news onslaught. Mortal Kombat X, Forza Horizon 2, The Witcher 3, Lord of the Rings—we've got them all here.

The Witcher 3

Let's lead off with the game I'm most excited for, eh? CD Projekt Red gave us a brief glimpse earlier this week during a livestreamed event.

The Witcher 3 is scheduled to release February 24, 2015. As with the rest of these titles, you can expect to see more Witcher 3 news next week during E3.

Forza Horizon 2

There's no trailer for Forza Horizon 2 yet, which is a damn shame—the music in the original is what made it one of my favorite driving games. That and the arcade-style handling, which was utterly unlike normal Forza entries.

Forza Horizon 2 forgoes the original game's Colorado setting for the balmy climes of Southern Europe, and is centered around a music festival, according to the original report on IGN.

We've got good news on the music front, too: "We’ve doubled the number of radio stations in the game. We’ve doubled the amount of music that we’re going to be shipping with the game on disc," creative director Ralph Fulton told IGN.

I crashed my car into a bridge. I don't care.

Mortal Kombat X

Do I even need to say anything? It's a new Mortal Kombat. Sub Zero and Scorpion are still fighting. Bone-crippling injuries are sustained. Blood explodes out of people. People are finished.

Shadow of Mordor

This Assassin's Creed Lord of the Rings game is looking pretty damn cool, even though it barely resembles Tolkien's universe.

Valve VR

We've heard first-hand accounts of Valve's VR headset a number of times. The lucky people who've seen a demo say it's far beyond anything consumers have access to—and way beyond what the Oculus Rift can currently do.

This week we got a glimpse of what the headset actually looks like, thanks to Reddit user jonomf.

Valve VR Headset

It's nice, but does it come in stripes instead of polka dots?

Dead Rising 3 no longer exclusive

Publishers keep taking away any incentive for me to buy a next-gen console, and this week the streak continued. Capcom announced that Dead Rising 3 is landing on the PC this summer. Dead Rising 3 was the Xbox One's standout exclusive launch game, so a PC port this soon after launch is a bit unexpected.

No word on whether the game's second-screen integration will port over also. Capcom says "More info to come!"

Now if only we could get mod support...

Madden rebels against its parents

What does next-gen get us? Tattoos, apparently. The first screenshot of Madden NFL '15 has been revealed, and San Francisco 49ers darling Colin Kaepernick is sporting his bicep tattoos—a first for the series.

Madden NFL 2015

Apparently it's not actually a next-gen feature. Prior to now, the NFL blocked EA from including player tattoos in the game. I guess the NFL will now just sit around being disappointed in its players' choices instead of forcing them to wear long sleeves.

Happy birthday

Tetris turns 30 today! It's too bad the square piece's hair has started thinning. That combover's not fooling anyone, square piece.

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