Image Gallery: Fake Apple Stores?

If the retail outlet says "Apple Stoer," it probably isn't run by Apple.

iPad 2s on Display (We Think)

Counterfeit Apple products are a familiar sight to anyone who follows tech blogs, but an American blogger in China has treated us to something new: Fake Apple Stores.

The blogger, who goes by the alias BirdAbroad, claims to have spotted several counterfeit Apple Stores in Kunming, China. In pictures shot by the blogger, the resemblance of these establishments to real Apple stores is uncanny. They use the big wooden tables, the Genius Bar, and even employees wearing blue T-shirts with Apple logos. This slideshow contains more images that BirdAbroad shared with us.

In this photo, one of the stores touts the Apple iPad 2.

All images in slideshow: Courtesy of BirdAbroad

Neatly Dressed Employees

Products are on display and the staff here sports T-shirts with Apple logos on them.

Employee Assistance

The display graphics look authentic, and the customers get assistance from staff.

Modern Stairway with Apple-Like Graphics

Apple-looking graphic posters in the stairwell.

It All Seems Very Apple-Like Inside

This store has a clean, modern Apple-feel to it.

Blonde Tables, Clean Graphics

There's plenty of room to try out the tech for sale.

You'd Expect iPad 2 Posters

We've all seen similar-looking iPad 2 posters in authentic Apple stores.

First Real Clue: Store Labeling

Here's a clue. Real Apple stores don't say "Apple Store" on the entrances. Genuine stores generally just display the Apple logo.

Steve Jobs Wouldn't Stand For This

Even if an Apple-owned store labeled itself an Apple Store, it probably wouldn't spell it S-T-O-E-R.

Night View of Storefront

Warm and inviting, but is it real?

Enthusiastic Employee

Employee (left) of one of the stores in question charmingly poses for the photographer.

Details Seem to Be Right

Sleek design, nice graphic, bright posters. Is it an Apple Store?

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