Yes, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul just turned on your Xbox One with an ad

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Yes, Breaking Bad's Jesse did just turn on your Xbox One—and you're not alone.

A new Xbox One ad featuring actor Aaron Paul shouting "Xbox On!" is doing just that to consoles around the globe, the BBC reports, as the Kinect's ever-listening ears pick up the words and boot Xboxes into action. Here's the ad in question:

The problem is far from universal, but there have been several complaints about the Paul ad on Twitter and Reddit. Nor is this the first time the Kinect's open ears have caught onto actions barked out in Xbox One ads. Witness the following video, in which an ad prompts an Xbox One to boot up Dead Rising 3:

The console's listening capabilities have also been used for more nefarious hijinks. In October, a senior programmer at Insomniac Games complained that "Shouting 'Xbox off' over the studio PA is already getting old," according to Kotaku. And then this absolute gem of a troll renamed himself "Xbox Sign Out" and began griefing Call of Duty gamers to coax them into shouting his name in rage—immediately coaxing the system to begin the shutdown process. It's pretty hilarious if you've never seen it.

That new $400 Kinect-less Xbox One may just be a hit after all. For its part, a Microsoft representative told the BBC that several Xbox One ads have featured voice commands before. Oh, we know, Microsoft. We know.

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