AT&T is Bringing Gingerbread to Android Phones -- At Last!

AT&T customers who bought Android phones introduced in 2011 will soon receive an upgrade to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), the carrier announced today.

The Android 2.2 phones scheduled for a Gingerbread update include the HTC Inspire 4G; LG Phoenix; Motorola Atrix 4G; Pantech Crossover; Samsung Captivate; and Samsung Infuse 4G.

Atrix 4G users will start getting the Android 2.3 update today. Inspire 4G customers will get Gingerbread "in the coming weeks," AT&T said.

Android 2.3 adds some worthy enhancements, including a boost in smartphone performance, better battery life, a cleaner interface, an improved on-screen keyboard with multi-touch support, and easier-to-use copy/paste tools.

The Facebook-friendly HTC Status, which debuted earlier this month, was the first AT&T smartphone to run Android 2.3.

Gingerbread has been slow in coming to Android phones in the U.S. Computerworld blogger JR Raphael keeps an up-to date list of which phones have gotten--or are scheduled to get-- version 2.3.

Other U.S. carriers are gradually upgrading their Android handsets too.

Verizon Wireless, for instance, began sending Gingerbread to the Motorola Droid X on May 27, and to a limited number of Droid Incredible 2 phones on July 11. Sprint, meanwhile, made Android 2.3 available to HTC EVO Shift 4G users on June 16. And on July 19, T-Mobile announced the start of a limited Gingerbread rollout to some MyTouch 4G customers.

For a more detailed look at which Android phones are slated to get Gingerbread, check out JR's blog.

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