New Withings wearable Activité is an analog activity tracker

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Few fitness trackers have managed to nail style. Function over form has been the guiding principle when it comes to wrist tech, sometimes to disastrous result. Withings already has a not-so-stylish health tracker on the market, the $120 Pulse, but on Monday announced the Activité. To say it’s the opposite of the Pulse would be an understatement.

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The Activité will be available in black or silver when it's released later this fall.

Out this fall, the $390 Activité looks like a luxury timepiece that would be at home on any Parisian’s wrist. With a stainless steel case, sapphire glass face, and leather strap, the Activité is surely the classiest smartwatch you’ve ever seen. Nothing about it looks digital, but the Bluetooth-enabled Activité tracks your movement, tells you how many calories you’ve burned, and detects your sleep patterns, then syncs with your smartphone to show you the day’s data. The waterproof watch also vibrates to wake you up in the morning or to encourage you when you’ve met your activity goals for the day.

The display resembles a traditional analog watch but with two dial hands: one that shows the time, and a smaller one that shows the percentage you’ve completed of the goals you’ve established for yourself using the Withings Health Mate app for iOS and Android. Like an analog watch, the Activité is powered by batteries and isn’t rechargeable.

My main concern with the slew of wrist-worn activity trackers on the market right now is their complete and utter lack of style. I don’t want to wear a ginormous black square on my wrist (looking at you, Samsung) or a weird, Livestrong-like bracelet (got that, Fitbit?). Withings’ last entry on the market, the Pulse, was one of the worst offenders. Clearly, the French company took notes on its country’s history of fashion-forward products to produce the Activité. And while at nearly $400, it’s a little expensive for an activity tracker, for a high-quality, high-tech timepiece, the price might be just right.

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