Use Your iOS Device as a GunCon

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Playing lightgun games isn't quite the same without the lightgun. Even a Wii Remote doesn't quite compare to actually holding something that looks a bit like a real gun in your hands and squeezing the trigger. Namco knows that the Mac and iOS versions of Time Crisis 2nd Strike aren't quite the same as the original arcade versions if you're just tapping the screen or moving the mouse, so they've put together the iGunCon app, a virtual lightgun.

Okay, holding up your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 isn't quite the same as pointing a gun at the screen either. But it's an interesting use of the devices as a wireless controller -- and the app itself is free, too, so there's certainly no harm in trying it out.

The app requires an iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to use because it makes use of both the gyroscope and digital compass, which are only both present in those specific devices. It supports the Mac and iPad versions of Time Crisis 2nd Strike -- and also the iPhone version, which sounds like one of the most impractical control schemes of all time. To take the absurd image to its natural extreme, pointing an iPad 2 at your phone's screen is like taking a rocket launcher to a knife fight.

The app also features a "Toy Mode" where it will make sounds from Time Crisis and you can pretend to shoot your friends with four different weapons, which is nice.

I can't help feeling this app would have been cooler if it had used the camera like a virtual sniper sight. As it is, it's an interesting control alternative for those who are up to their eyeballs in Apple devices. You can download it from the App Store for free here.

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