Apple iPad, Day 26: Adding It All Up

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30 Days With the iPad: Day 26

Throughout the course of the 30 Days With the iPad project, I have purchased or recommended a variety of peripherals and apps to help the Apple tablet fulfill its duties as a PC replacement. Let's take a look back, and figure out what the overall price tag might look.

First, we have the iPad itself. As I covered on Day 2, when you consider the different storage capacities, Wi-Fi only vs. 3G, and AT&T vs. Verizon there are actually quite a few options for a device that really only comes in one flavor. The iPad requires an investment between $500 and $830 depending on what you choose.

It takes apps to make the iPad productive, and many of those apps are not free.
I am using my iPhone 4 as a Wi-Fi hotspot if I need connectivity on the go. I already had the iPhone 4 anyway, so that cost doesn't count. Besides, the additional $20 a month for the privilege of sharing the 3G connection is an expense I would already have and use for connecting my notebook when there is no Wi-Fi connection as well.

For now, I am using a 64GB Wi-Fi only iPad, so my price tag is $700.

Cumulative Price Tag: $700

Many apps are provided for free, but require an investment in the backend service in order for it to have any purpose. For example, the Netflix app is useless without a Netflix subscription, and the Fuze Meeting app won't do you much good without some sort of Fuze Meeting account. and Remember the Milk (RTM) are free apps, and have free services, but you might spend additional money for more advanced plans.

I am not going to include those backend costs here because I am assuming that I would still use those services and have those costs regardless of my use of the iPad. I won't bother listing or tallying apps that I ended up not keeping or recommending. I also won't bother listing out the money I spent on games (it was a lot!).

But, I still spent a fair amount of money on apps over the past few weeks. Let's add that up:

Pages - $10

Numbers - $10

Keynote - $10

Files Connect - $5

PhotoGene - $3

LogMeIn Ignition - $30

VIPOrbit - $10

MyPad+ - $1

Cumulative Price Tag: $779

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