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Run and Gun In Doodle Dash for Android

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Doodle Dash is a side-scrolling game app with kitschy "doodled" graphics. Like most side-scrollers, it's easy to learn but difficult to master.

Gameplay is straightforward. You have two controls: In the lower left part of the screen is a 'jump' button for jumping, and in the lower right part of the screen is a 'shoot' button for shooting. To maximize screen real estate, these buttons appear only at the beginning of the game, slowly fading away after several seconds. It's crucial to remember where these buttons are, however, because the controls are not as simple as "tap anywhere on the left side and your character will jump."

Your character runs through various worlds (in no particular order), including a snow-themed world, a space-themed world, a jungle-themed world, and a city-themed world. Initially, you get a shotgun with unlimited ammo, but you can pick up upgrades (such as lasers, lightning beams, and flamethrowers) with limited ammo along the way. On your journey, you'll encounter enemies to shoot and spikes and holes to jump over. You can also kill enemies by jumping directly on them--but if you miss, you lose a life.

Doodle Dash has two modes: "regular" and "easy." In reality, easy mode isn't any easier than regular mode, but you start out with five lives instead of three. You can pick up lives in both modes as you dash along, and you'll never max out on them--the game just continues to add hearts to your life meter.

Doodle Dash is simple, fast, and exciting--as many side-scrolling platformers are. It's not quite as smooth as, say, Robot Unicorn Attack, and your shotgun has a frustratingly limited range. But if you're looking for a pick-up-and-go sort of game, Doodle Dash is an engaging option. It's free in the Android Marketplace.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Doodle Dash

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