I'm getting 1TB on OneDrive, now what?


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On Monday, Microsoft got serious about its OneDrive cloud offerings by beefing up consumer storage limits. Free users now get 15 gigabytes of storage and Office 365 subscribers (Home Premium, Personal, and University) get a whopping 1 terabyte. Unless you start uploading tons of video files or are an ardent photographer, you’ll probably have a hard time making a dent in that 1TB.

The new storage limits will roll out over the next month, which gives you just enough time to ponder what you’re going to do with all that storage—especially if you’re an Office 365 subscriber.

IFTTT is a service that automatically takes actions for you based on events like marking a favorite photo on Instagram, getting tagged in a photo on Facebook, or adding a new item to an RSS feed. With OneDrive expanding for everyone, Microsoft’s cloud storage service is a perfect repository for your IFTTT data storage needs.

To help get you started on your cloud storage bonanza, I've chosen three recipes that are already prepared for you. Once you’ve got the hang of it though, making your own IFTTT recipes is incredibly simple.

Move your Dropbox to OneDrive

Dropbox gives you a measly 2GB to start, but after you take advantage of all the service’s various giveaways you can easily get that up to 5GB or so. Nevertheless, with 15GB free for all and Office 365 subscribers getting 1TB, storing your 2GB-5GB in OneDrive should be pretty easy.

You could do this to offload some of the data in Dropbox so you have more space in that service. Or even just to have a back-up of your Dropbox files. You can also adjust your settings inside File Explorer for OneDrive to make sure you don’t download multiple copies of the same files to your local PCs.

Save media from around the web

There are numerous ready-made IFTTT recipes that you can adapt to your own purposes for automatically saving photos to OneDrive. IFTTT users have recipes for automatically saving photos when you’re tagged on Facebook, to save every single Bing image of the day, or store photos that you favorite on Flickr or Instagram—fans of National Geographic’s Instagram stream, take note.

You can also find IFTTT recipes to save favorite SoundCloud tracks to OneDrive.

IFTTT voice mail to OneDrive

This trick is for users with US numbers only (Skype and Google Voice numbers should work). Using IFTTT’s voicemail channel, you can automatically store voice notes in OneDrive. Just call the IFTTT voicemail number from your phone number registered with the service, leave your note, and it will end up on SkyDrive.

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