3DS Deals Surface Today

Still hanging on to a DS Lite, DSi, or DSi XL? Today may be your best chance to turn that last generation Nintendo handheld into a decent amount of cash to trade up for a shiny, new 3DS.

GameStop and Target are offering deals today to customers wanting to trade in their old handhelds. GameStop will sell you a 3DS for $99 if you trade in an any DS besides the original model and are a PowerUp Rewards"Pro" member. The membership costs $15 and you must have a coupon that is available online.

Participating Target stores, on the other hand, will give customers $100 for an old DSi XL, $75 for a DSi, and $40 for a DS Lite to be used to buy a new 3DS. Combining that cash with the 3DS's recent price drop to $170 means some users could end up with Nintendo's latest handheld for $70. (See also "Unboxing the Nintendo 3DS Portable Gaming Console.")

It seems that retailers are hoping to move a few 3DS units this weekend. Nintendo has seen poor sales with the system, prompting some to question if the game maker should go third-party and start developing games for smartphones such as the insanely popular Apple iPhone.

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