Make Image Magic in Microsoft Office 2010: 10 Cool Tricks

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4. Use Signatures and Logos as Clip Art

Make your own images and signatures.
It's a snap to create your own embeddable images and signatures.
It's easy to add an image of your company logo or your scanned signature as a clip art image. To do this, choose Start, Programs, Microsoft Clip Organizer, and then choose File, Add Clips to Organizer, On My Own. Next, browse to find the file that contains your signature or logo, and click Add.

From the dropdown list to the right of the image, select Edit keywords and then add keywords to the image to help you locate it in future. Click Apply to apply the changes; to finish, click OK and close the Clip Organizer.

In the future, to add the logo or signature to a document, choose Insert, Clip Art; type one of the keywords that you added to the image; disable Include content; select Illustrations and Photographs; and click Go. When the image appears in the panel, click it to insert it into your document.

5. Use Picture Charts in Excel

Replacing basic bars in charts with images gets your point across at a glance.
Replacing basic bars in charts with images gets your point across at a glance.
Instead of filling your 2D column or bar charts with solid colors or boring patterns, you can fill them with images. To do this, select the column or bar that you want to change, and right-click the mouse. Choose Format Data Series, Fill and select Picture or texture fill. Select an image to use from your disk, your Clip Art collection, or from the Clipboard. Simple line-art images are a good choice. Click Stacked to ensure that the images are stacked and not stretched, and click Close.

You can add a single image to an entire data series, or you can click a single bar or column and use Format Data Point to add a different image to each column or bar.

6. Add Pictures Behind Charts and Workbooks

Dress up charts with custom background images.
Dress up charts with custom background images.
In addition to replacing bars and columns, you can add a picture behind a chart or behind the plot area of a chart. To do this, click the chart somewhere, and then choose Chart Tools, Layout. From the dropdown list in the upper left corner of the ribbon toolbar, choose Chart Area or Plot Area, as desired. Click the Format Selection link immediately below this selector; choose Fill, Picture or Texture Fill; and select an image to use. Here you can alter the transparency of the image if you wish so that the chart is visible through the image. Finally, click Close.

If you add an image to the Chart Area and if your Plot Area has a solid fill, you won't be able to see the image underneath. To correct this problem, repeat the process but this time after selecting Plot Area, Format Selection, choose Fill, No Fill. Alternatively, choose Solid Fill, pick a fill color, and then set the Transparency to a high value.

7. Add Your Logo to an Excel Printout

Add a logo or header to an Excel chart printout in a few simple steps.
You can add a logo or header to an Excel chart printout in a few simple steps.
You can easily add your company logo or other image to the header of an Excel worksheet so that it prints on every page of the sheet. To do this, choose Insert, Header & Footer and then click one of the boxes at the top of the sheet. Click the Picture button, and choose an image to insert.

If the image is larger than the header, it will appear around and below the worksheet, so checking its size is a crucial step. To do this, click I and enable the Lock Aspect Ratio checkbox so that the image will be scaled in proportion.

Now, set its Height value to around 0.75 inch or to a size that will fit in the header area. To check the result, choose View, Page Layout. To adjust the header margin to make it bigger, choose Page Layout, Margins, Custom Margins, and set the Header Margin value; or drag downward on the marker in the vertical ruler to enlarge it.

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