Space Hotel to Offer Truly Out-of-This-World Vacations

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Looking for a vacation that is truly out of this world? If so, Russian company Orbital Technology may be able to help. The firm has divulged information on its ambitous plans to open a hotel in space by 2016, just five years from now.

The hotel, known officialy as the Commercial Space Station, will orbit 217 miles above the Earth and its desgin will feature large portholes so guests can enjoy great views of our planet below. Uh, needless to say, this is one vacation spot that would not be ideal for those with a fear of flying.

Guests will travel to the low-orbit hotel via rocket. As designed, the guest-house-amongst-the-stars will be kitted out with essential kitchen facilities, digital cameras, a water-less toilet, and a built in shower. Sadly, no mini-bar will be present as alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Orbital Technologies says that its plans for the Comercial Space Station (CSS) go beyond mere space tourism. The CSS could also be used for space-based research, product development, and much more--it could also act as a base for satellite servicing and maintenance, or as an emergency location for International Space Station crew members.

If you are looking to join the 500-strong list of people who have ventured into space you better start saving your pennies--a five-day trip to the CSS Space hotel will cost you more than half a million dollars.

[via Daily Mail | Images via Orbital Technologies]

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