Minecraft Developer Wants to Settle Lawsuit With Tournament

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In case you didn't hear, Bethesda isn't happy with the title of Minecraft developer Notch's next game. Basically, Notch wants to call his game Scrolls, and Bethesda feels that's too close to their RPG series The Elder Scrolls.

Well, not much has happened since Bethesda's initial claims to the name, but Notch is ready to take things to the next level. His solution to this whole lawsuit nonsense? Quake matches. He writes in his blog:

I challenge Bethesda to a game of Quake 3. Three of our best warriors against three of your best warriors. We select one level, you select the other, we randomize the order. 20 minute matches, highest total frag count per team across both levels wins.

If we win, you drop the lawsuit.

If you win, we will change the name of Scrolls to something you’re fine with.

Regardless of the outcome, we could still have a small text somewhere saying our game is not related to your game series in any way, if you wish.

Now this is the way we wish more courtroom dramas could unfold.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Minecraft Developer Wants to Settle Bethesda Lawsuit...with a Quake Tournament

This story, "Minecraft Developer Wants to Settle Lawsuit With Tournament" was originally published by GamePro.

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