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[Photo: Zenta Robotic Creations]
Do you love creepy things with more than two legs? If so, then this morphing hexapod is for for you! Built by Zenta Robotic Creations, MorpHex makes use of more than 25 servos, and it can do some pretty creepy things with them.

MorpHex utilizes an Arc-32 micro controller which can handle up to 32 servos. MorpHex has two acrylic plates that contain the body of the robot and support the electronics and battery. It also utilizes a number of gears in the body to control the legs and various motions of the robot.

The key feature of MorpHex are the legs; while it obviously has six legs, they aren't just any normal six legs. No, these legs are able to fan out or fan back in (changing the bot's inner body dimensions) and allow the robot to walk in any position. While fanning in and out, MorpHex moves very fluidly and elegantly. It can also speed up and slow down, too (just to look more creepy).

According to Zenta MorpHex was designed to be like a sphere--capable of freely moving in any direction--with a different type of locomotion for getting around. MorpHex was also designed to have a variable inner-body dimension (legs fanning in and out).

If this isn't creepy enough for you, don't worry; Zenta is responsible for creating a number of other creepy bots like this evil-looking A-Pod. Make sure to check out Zenta for the full details!

[Hack A Day and ZentaOlbaid]

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