Linux Now Runs on iPad; Tuxedo Optional

Photo: Ricky Taylor
Everyone loves a good tablet hack--after all, look at all the interest in hacking the Nook Color and the HP Touchpad. So it's no surprise that iOS devices have been successfully hacked to run Linux.

A hack by Patrick Wildt and Ricky Taylor from the iDroid project makes it so that Linux will run on an iPad, iPhone or fourth-generation iPod Touch. While there isn't a lot of detail just yet on how the hack was done, it's an exciting step for developers because of the difficulty of rooting devices built around Apple's A4 chip--according to iJailbreak, it was orginially quite tricky to get a good root on anything after the iPhone 3G.

iDroid will release more details as the hack unfolds, but right now Patrick and others are working out how to root Linux onto the iPad 2, which is proving to be somewhat difficult (as usual). Still, with this new hack, it will be interesting to see what other developers will bring to the table.

[Patrick Wildt via iJailbreak]

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