Counter-Strike with PlayStation Move Support? Count On It.

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Surprise, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the designed-for-everyman online-exclusive iteration of Valve's popular first-person shooter will support Sony's PlayStation Move motion-controller. That, and you'll be able to play the game with a standard mouse and keyboard on your PlayStation 3, too.

It probably sounds counterintuitive (see what I did there?), wedding the shell of a hardcore shooter to a casually angled motion-controller. Sure, the PS Move's more accurate than Microsoft's lag-afflicted Kinect, but against even a modestly well-practiced PC-based Counter-Strike player? Shooting fish in a barrel. Come on, it's what you're thinking, right?

But no, Valve's apparently planning to mix and match PC, Mac, and PS3 players according to their skill levels and irrespective of their controller choice…which sounds eerily like what Microsoft tried (and basically failed) to do with Shadowrun. Remember Shadowrun? Didn't think so. But who knows. Perhaps they'll offer a "sort by platform" type when trawling for matches if you'd rather not participate in another cross-platform experiment.

Absent from the above matchup: Xbox LIVE support, presumably because of Valve's proprietary Steam requirements. Xbox Live players will be square off with Xbox Live players only.

We first heard about the new Counter-Strike a few weeks ago (new details surfaced right before the Penny Arcade Expo last week). It's not a strictly Valve-developed version—they've brought in Hidden Path Entertainment to assist. Hidden Path's been working with Valve since 2009, helping out with Counter-Strike: Source (originally released in 2004) and releasing their own game, Defense Grid: The Awakening, to mostly critical plaudits in December 2008.

Whatever your level of enthusiasm for the PS Move, you have to credit Valve for turning their notorious PS3 allergy around. Valve co-founder and president Gabe Newell famously denigrated the PS3 shortly after its release, before his about-face in a rather silly bit of spectacle at E3 2010, during which he "surprised" us by announcing Portal 2 was headed to Sony's console.

"When the PlayStation 3 was introduced, I was the one of the platform's biggest critics," joked Newell that year after striding onstage to howls of surprise. "However, Sony Computer Entertainment has proved that the PlayStation 3 is the most open platform of all the current generation consoles and has worked extremely hard to make the platform the most desirable for consumers and developers."

Translation: Sony's selling neck-and-neck with the Xbox 360 (globally) and they're amenable to using Steam (where Microsoft isn't)? Sold!

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