10 Geeky Things to Do on Your First Date

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Here at GeekTech, we're unabashed geeks (as our blog's name suggests). We obsess over gadgetry, we enjoy various nerdy eats, we write about kitteh hacks, and we randomly quote sci-fi movies in casual conversation. And yes, some of us even play Magic: The Gathering. So when Gizmodo's Alyssa Bereznak wrote unfavorably about her experience dating bona fide geek Jon Finkel, well, we were a little taken aback. What's not to love about geeks?

It also made us wonder; what would we do on a geeky first date? Here are ten ideas for your perusal that we came up with; as ever, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below.

Play Magic: The Gathering

What better way to start a geeky relationship than to play the ever so serious card game Magic: The Gathering?

The game, created by Professor Richard Garfield, will let you and your date battle each other as wizards--which is guaranteed to put a little magical spark into your young romance. Maybe Alyssa Bereznek should give it a go?

Browse lolcats

Did you meet your new love interest online? Whether you met via online dating or on an Internet forum, it's pretty much a dead certainty that the meme sensation that is Lolcats is going to be a hit with the new person in your life.

Cute fluffy kittehs on the first date? What can go wrong? Nothing--that's what.

Grind on 'World of Warcraft'

Sure, more than 11 million people regularly jump online to hack and slash, but that doesn't mean it can't be a Web-based getaway.

Get a private party going, and your first date can be one raid to remember.

Show off your 'Star Wars' figurine collection

Have you been collecting those old Kenner figurines since 1977? Whether you're a Star Wars figurine fanatic or complete novice, whatever plastic wares you're packing, from across the galaxy or not, they are always worth showing off.

Write code, not poetry

Poetry doesn't have to be the literature of love. Geeks can really get deep with each other by writing beautiful code together. 'Hello World'? How about 'Hello You'? ;)

Watch reruns of geeky TV

Sure, watching old TV episodes from your childhood may not sound like the most exciting first date, but nostalgia alone will ensure that you have a fun evening.

Watch a professional gaming tournament

We here at GeekTech have covered professional gaming in the past--it's like the Olympics for geeks! We think if you and your new lover can curl up together and enjoy watching geeks compete, then you are made for each other.

Utter many a 'Star Trek' joke

A good sense of humor is key in any relationship, and a geeky one is even better! Why not break the ice with some Star Trek gags? Here's a free one: How many ears does Picard have? Three. A right ear. A left ear. And a final front ear. (Note: We make no guarantee this joke will be a hit with your other half; in fact, it might cut short your date.)

Deliver an impromptu lecture arguing that Han did, in fact, shoot first

Han shot first. We all know that. But get any geek riled up over this and the conversation is bound to get ugly. So if you date a geek, you should just accept this fact. If you and your date agree on who did shoot first, why not try and make a cute little Han Shot First blaster plushie?

Wine and dine, geek style

A romantic candlelight meal is the classic first date, right? Not when it's geeky. Forget the typical gourmet meal; why not cook up some iCakes, have some 8-bit wine, and get creative with sushi? It'll be the perfect ending to an awesomely nerdy night.

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