Split Chrome Tabs In Two With the Frame Two Pages Plugin

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At least a few times a day, I need to quickly cross-reference information from two different Web sites at the same time. Usually I just pop the tabs out into separate pages and align them side by side, but that involves more mouse movements than I care to bother with, and it makes it tougher than it should be to keep Word open beside the Web windows to copy and paste information as needed. But a cool plugin for Google Chrome called Frame Two Pages makes this task really easy.

Frame Two Pages is a simple plugin that combines two tabs into one. Once you install the plugin, open up two pages that you’d want to combine. When you click the plugin’s icon, it will combine the current tab with the next one to the left. You then choose to place them side by side as columns or one on top of the other as rows by hitting 1 or 2 when prompted.

You can also choose to embed two pages into a single frame, creating additional rows.

Frame Two Pages has some limitations. It won’t handle HTTPS pages or any site that breaks frames, for instance. But for ordinary HTTP Web pages, it works very well.

With two pages open in Frame Two Pages, you can stop messing around with your window positions and quickly compare pages in a single window.

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