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Do you have something worth sharing online that you think others would pay to see? AnyMeeting has integrated its online presentation service with PayPal to allow you to charge admission and provide you with a platform to do just that.

I have attended my fair share (and then some) of online presentations. I have also presented more than a few. Having been on both sides of that equation, I know that the vast majority of webinars are free to the participants, and are funded by the marketing budget of the company or product sponsoring the event.

AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar) gives you a means to make money presenting online.
The webinars--or at least the ones I prepared and presented--are not pure sales pitches. Nobody would attend. The goal is to present an informative topic that generates interest and provides value for the participants, with a minor tie-in or mention of the sponsoring company or product at the end.

There is always a price to be paid, though, even for a "free" webinar. Behind the scenes, the database of attendees is delivered to the sales team at the sponsoring company, and I inevitably get some unsolicited call or email following up to pitch me on the company's products or services. I often get called even when I was the one who presented the session.

With AnyMeeting, the presentation itself can be monetized rather than just using it as some sort of loss-leader lure for a sales pitch. AnyMeeting also lowers the bar so that small and medium businesses--or even individuals--who have something of value to share can generate some income by presenting the information in a webinar.

AnyMeeting users who have a verified PayPal Merchant account can use AnyMeeting to sell tickets to both live and recorded webinars. PayPal is integrated directly into AnyMeeting's webinar invitation system, making monetization easy and intuitive.

When scheduling a webinar through AnyMeeting, you just set your ticket price and enter any optional discount codes. The minimum ticket price is $5. You can host up to 200 attendees per meeting with no time limits. When attendees register for the webinar, they pay using their credit card or PayPal account, and the funds go directly to you, while AnyMeeting simply deducts a small convenience fee for every ticket sold.

The session is recorded, and paid attendees have access to the recording. You set a different, lower ticket price for those who didn't attend the live session, but want to download and listen to the session after the fact. A popular session could be a source of continuing residual income.

"We are always listening to our users, and being able to sell access to their webinars has always been a top requested feature," said Costin Tuculescu, President and CEO of AnyMeeting. "We're very happy to now offer our users a safe and secure way to make money from the content they produce and help them increase their bottom line."

Personally, I find it refreshing to be more up front about the cost of the information, and as a participant I would much rather pay some reasonable fee to attend a session that I find value in than to be subjected to sales calls and spam.

This new feature provides an additional revenue stream for trainers, educators, speakers and professional webinar hosts. I guess it's time to start my new sideline career as a presenter and public speaker. Now, I just need a topic worth presenting.

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