BlackBerry 7 Compatible Apps: 10 Free Downloads

Looking for apps that are compatible with RIM's new BlackBerry 7 OS?'s Al Sacco spotlights 10 must-haves including apps for social networking, navigation, entertainment and a cool augmented reality browser.

BlackBerry 7 Compatible Apps: 10 Free Downloads

RIM's latest batch of BlackBerry smartphones, the first to run the new BlackBerry 7 OS, is currently being released across the globe. My inbox is already full of inquiries from readers seeking recommendations on BlackBerry-7-compatible applications. Unfortunately, not all of my favorite apps will run smoothly on RIM's new OS 7—Dropbox, Pandora, Kindle and MLB At Bat don't, to name just a few. But there are still plenty of quality downloads to be had.

(Note: You must employ BlackBerry App World with a valid BlackBerry ID to download many of the apps spotlighted in this post. Find more information on BlackBerry ID on RIM's Website.)

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Flixster for BlackBerry

Flixster for BlackBerry is the BlackBerry-toting movie buff's best friend. Find the closest nearby theatres using the app's GPS or cell-tower location, and mark your favorite theatres for easy access in the future. View show times, trailers and reviews from popular services like Rotten Tomatoes. Buy movie tickets using your BlackBerry. And peruse Flixster's collection of more than 50,000 DVDs for future viewing.

Download Flixster for free from BlackBerry App World

Google (GOOG) Maps for BlackBerry

Google Maps is the must-have mobile-mapping app for BlackBerry, and thankfully it runs well on RIM's new BlackBerry 7 OS. View your current whereabouts on a Google map, based on GPS or cell-tower-location; get walking/driving directions; share your current location with friends, via Google's "Latitude" service; and much more. All for free.

Download Google Maps for free from Google's Website

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

ScoreMobile is a must-have application for sports fanatics with BlackBerry 7 smartphones. With near real-time scores for a variety of professional sports and leagues, including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL and PGA, ScoreMobile helps ensure that you never miss any of the action. The software also provides a variety of statistics on players and teams, news, standings, even betting odds for you gambling types. And the latest version integrates with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), so you can interact with BBM contacts during sporting events.

Download ScoreMobile for free from BlackBerry App World

Foursquare for BlackBerry

On foursquare, the latest social-networking-craze, users "check-in" to the various places they frequent, and attempt to secure badges and "Mayor" titles for favorite establishments. Since the service is employed mostly on the go, there's no better way to get in on the fun than with the new BlackBerry foursquare app, which is compatible with BlackBerry 7.

Download foursquare for free from BlackBerry App World

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Poynt for BlackBerry

Poynt is the only mobile, local-search application for BlackBerry 7 you'll ever need. The app uses your current location, based on GPS or cell-tower location, to find the closest nearby businesses, retailers, restaurants, gas prices, events and much more. Poynt offers a dedicated weather section, too. You can find local movie theatre listings and purchase tickets via BlackBerry. And the app integrates with your BlackBerry calendar and address book so you can quickly add contacts or events.

Download Poynt for free from BlackBerry App World

Capture It for BlackBerry

Capture It for BlackBerry is a simple, screen-capture utility that lets you quickly snap images of your BlackBerry's display and then save them in your media folder. It's easy to use: Just assign the app to one of your BlackBerry convenience keys and press the corresponding button whenever you want an image of your smartphone screen. Or, if your convenience keys are already dedicated to other applications, just choose the Capture It option listed in your BlackBerry menu or click the Capture It icon. (Note: All screen shots for this post were captured using Capture It)

Download Capture It for free, using your BlackBerry browser, here

Wikitude for BlackBerry

Thanks to new digital compasses packed into all of RIM's BlackBerry 7 smartphones, users can now access cool augmented reality services like Wikitude, which lets you search for people, things, events, etc., around you, simply by launching the app. To employ the service, you just launch the Wikitude browser, hold it up and then scroll around you to see what shows up. You can locate nearby or relevant Twitter "tweets;" find existing BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) contacts; read Wikipedia articles; locate the closest ATMs and restaurants, and much more.

Download Wikitude for free from BlackBerry App World

Google Voice for BlackBerry

Google Voice lets you use one single mobile phone number to send and receive calls and texts on a variety of compatible mobile devices. And the Google Voice for BlackBerry application helps organize and employ the services various components. The app also allows you to place cheap international phone calls using the Voice "dialer;" send and receive free SMS text messages from your Voice inbox; set up unique voice-mail greetings for specific callers; read transcripts of your voice mail; and much more. Best of all, the app integrates with your BlackBerry address book for easy access to all of your contact information.

Download Google Voice for free from Google's Website

Navita Translator for BlackBerry

If you've ever found yourself in need of a quick translation and you own a BlackBerry 7 smartphone, Navita Translator is for you. The app's basic interface makes it simple to translate words or phrases you type into the text field, and it will even "speak" translations to help with pronunciation. Navita integrates with the core BlackBerry messaging, SMS and browser apps, so you can translate text directly from these sources, as well. Its conversion isn't always perfect, but still, it's a valuable tool.

Download Navita Translator for free from BlackBerry App World

SocialScope for BlackBerry

SocialScope is by far one of my favorite BlackBerry applications, but I listed it last in this post for a reason: the app is not currently available to all BlackBerry users, you need an invite to set up a SocialScope account. Still, its one of the best social networking apps for BlackBerry, and it lets you monitor and update a variety of services, including Twitter, Facebook, foursquare and Flickr. You can request an invite on the SocialScope Website...and if you follow me on Twitter and ask nicely, I just may be able to send an invite your way—until I run out, that is.

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