Nintendo 3DS Add-on Joystick, 3D Video Fail to Impress Investors

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You knew it could snap 3D photos, but did you know it'll capture 3D video as well? Nintendo formally announced 3D video capture for its 3DS console at a pre-Tokyo Game Show event dedicated to its newest gaming handheld, saying the feature would arrive courtesy of a free downloadable system update sometime this November.

The upside? You can record 3D video! The downside? You can record 3D video! All right, in all seriousness: There's no way to upload, export, or otherwise transfer the video to somewhere other than the 3DS—at least not yet. We're waiting on Nintendo for further details.

That November update also throws a bone to StreetPass fans. StreetPass is Nintendo's "silent" communication mechanic, whereby two ships (or 3DS units) passing in the night (or morning, or midafternoon) can exchange data on-the-fly, automatically. Nintendo won't say what the bone is, specifically, but claims it involves "new experiences" aimed at those who've run through the handheld's existing ones.

And that rather unsightly right-hand joystick snap-on tray you've probably heard about (see the image up top)? It's real, for better or worse; it comes direct from Nintendo (not some oddball third-party); it requires a single removable AAA battery; it ships in Japan on December 10; and—perhaps the one spot of bright news here—it will cost just ¥1500, or about $20. Okay, here's a potential second: It'll be compatible with not only Monster Hunter 3DS, as previously rumored, but also Ace Combat 3D, Dynasty Warriors, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, and Resident Evil: Revelations.

We've also got general timeframes for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 3D. Expect the former on November 13 and the latter on December 4. Some glum news: Kid Icarus for the 3DS has been officially bumped to 2012, with Nintendo citing the development team's determination "that more time is needed to complete the game."

Any freebies? Yep, just one: Nintendo's giving away The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition between September 28, 2011 and February 20, 2012 (and as a bonus, you'll be able to solo through it controlling two Links). It'll be downloadable to DSi and 3DS consoles through each system's respective e-shops.

Oh, and they're rolling out a "Misty Pink"-colored version of the 3DS, reportedly to appeal to females (you know, because we really need the games industry to perpetuate gender-based color stereotypes).

Last thing, I promise: "Nintendo faces end of era after 3DS flop," writes Reuters this morning with embarrassing earnestness. Yes, Nintendo shares fell 5 percent, but no, that only illustrates how investors are every bit as fickle as you've heard. If every 5 percent drop signaled the beginning of the end, every listed company would be "facing the end of an era" weekly, monthly, and annually.

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