Why I'm Keeping My Facebook Page After All

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For My Social Network

While some readers may want to stick with the tech news and stay away from sports and politics, it is my personal social network that really gets the raw deal in this exchange. Granted, I'd like to think that those in my personal social network like to stay informed and read my articles as well, but I am conscious of the fact that Facebook can be noisy enough.

While I can choose whether to share an update with just my social network, or with the whole world, there is no option to share with the whole world minus my social network. So, even though I can censor my personal posts so the general public doesn't see them, I can't filter my public posts so that my personal social network isn't flooded with them.

Facebook logo
Turns out my friends and family may not want to read all of my tech news.
If I start inundating my family and friends with everything I write, and filling their Facebook flow with a bunch of tech news, it makes it that much harder for anyone to use it as a social network--you know, for being social. The extra noise may force them to miss updates they would be interested in, and ultimately the volume of my posts could get me filtered or blocked.

Then, when I do post something like news about the kids, holiday plans, etc. those who are in my social network won't even see it because they won't be paying attention to my posts any more. It's a little like the boy who cried wolf syndrome.

So, Is Facebook Subscribe Useless?

No. There is a place for Facebook Subscribers. It's just not quite the streamlined communication silver bullet I imagined it to be.

For those outside of my social network who only want to follow my writing and see tech related news from me, the Facebook Page is the way to go.

If you also would like to follow me in general, a' la Twitter, you can Subscribe to my personal Facebook profile as well. There you will see sports, politics, and general interest type posts.

For those actually in my social network, I still think you should "Like" my Facebook Page and read my articles and such, but fear not--I won't overwhelm you with tech news on the personal Facebook side of the fence.

So, for now, I will continue to maintain both my personal Facebook social network, and my public Facebook Page. I will also leave the Subscribe option enabled for those who wish to use it. I reserve the right to revisit this issue, though, if Facebook adds a new filter that somehow enables me to share a post just to "everyone in the world except those in my social network" or something to that effect.

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