Super Smash Land: A Game Boy-Style Smash Bros. Tribute

If you spent anywhere near the amount of time I did playing Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64, then you’ll surely be excited about this awesome fan project by artist and programmer Dan Fornace. The game is just what you would expect to play if Super Smash Bros. ran on a classic Game Boy, complete with Game Boy screen resolution and coloring, along with just two action buttons: A and B.

To be honest, Smash Land is much more of a full-fledged game than I had expected it to be. It features six characters to choose from and eleven stages to play. It also includes a slimmed-down arcade style campaign mode as well as multi-player and an endless polygon-esque game, just like the original. Playing it makes me wish I still had my old Game Boy, so I could bathe myself in more nostalgia.

You can pick up the game at Pikimal, and it's easy to install, if you would even call it that--just extract the .zip file and run the SuperSmashLand file.

The arrow keys move you around, while your "z" and "x" keys serve as the A and B buttons, respectively. I found the controls to be a little difficult to use, but it does look like they support external controls, which would make the game a whole lot more playable. As of now there isn’t a Mac version available, but he suggests using Wine to run it.

[SuperSmashLand via Pikimal]

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