Little Mr. Roboto Set to Take on Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii

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It’s one thing to take on an Ironman competition when you’re six feet tall and two-hundred pounds of pure muscle. It’s another thing entirely when you’re just 20-inches tall like Evolta. The tiny Japanese robot is warming up to swim, bike, and run its way across a 143-mile-long Ironman course in Hawaii on October 24th. Given the size difference Evolta is expected to make the arduous trek in 168 hours, ten times longer than the average "strongman."

Evolta, Panasonic’s popular little mascot for the Evolta battery brand, will do the entire course with a set of three rechargable batteries in a backpack. In order to complete the race it will be fitted with the appropriate gear, a bicycle, swimming, and running apparatus to help the little robot stay on course.

See the MSNBC story for more on Evolta's adventure.

There’s a little bit of concern for Evolta, however, considering oceans currents and sharks could play a major roll in his journey across Hawaii. All right, we’re mostly joking about the sharks, but don’t say we didn’t warn Evolta should things go south in a hurry.

Personally I’d like to see Asimo, Honda's awesome robot, take on Evolta in a race across Hawaii instead, but that’s just me at this point. Phase one, robots racing against humans in Strongman competitions. Phase two, Agent Smith.

[YouTube, MSNBC]

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