Sneaky Apps for Sneaky People

If you want to spy on a spouse, shield your phone's call or IM lists from prying eyes, or even keep someone from knowing what sites you surf when using the family iPad, this app list is for you.

Something to Hide or Just Plain Nosey?

Everyone has their secrets, but if you are someone whose dark side intertwines with technology, you might be interested in this app list.

The software here can assist those who want to keep their own skeletons hidden as well as those who want to unearth another’s secrets.

The legality of using some of these apps varies from state to state, so make sure to check out local laws before you interact with any of these sneaky--possibly invasive--apps.

Slydial by MobileSphere

What It Does: Slydial skips you straight to a person’s voicemail so you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness that comes from talking on the phone.

Who It’s For: People who are afraid of having a conversation with a real human being.

Compatible With: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, RIM | Cost: Free

Red Handed Cam by Simpkins Productions

What It Does: Red Handed Cam will catch phone snoopers in the act. The app will take a picture of whoever is handling your phone using the front-facing camera.

Who It’s For: Teenagers that want proof of their parents messing with their iPhone or iPad 2; those worried that their significant other will try to access personal data from an Apple device.

Compatible With: All Apple devices running iOS 4.2 or later | Cost: $0.99

Call Faker by RF Development

What It Does: Using Call Faker, you can make your phone look like someone is calling you. You can even set the person you want to "call you," as well as select the number they are calling from.

Who It’s For: For people that need a quick out from an annoying conversation.

Compatible With: Android | Cost: Free

Privacy Mode by Coliseum Eisenhower

What It Does: Privacy Mode lets you browse without leaving behind any traces of what Web pages you were looking at.

Who It’s For: People who frequently browse less-than-wholesome content on the family iPad. Note: You must be 17 years old to download this app.

Compatible With: iOS | Cost: $0.99


What It Does: Faceniff gives you access to Facebook and Twitter accounts that aren’t using a secure connection and are on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone.

Who It’s For: Criminals or other hijackers that want to gain access to someone else's online sessions.

Compatible With: Android (rooted phones only) | Cost: Free

Call Control by Kedlin Company

What It Does: Call Control blocks those irritating unwanted calls, and you can even set up a whitelist so only those numbers can contact you.

Who It’s For: People sick of telemarketers always calling them during dinner.

Compatible With: Android | Cost: Free

Mr. Number

What It Does: Mr. Number tells people when you are busy and unavailable for a text or phone call. On top of that, the app will block unwanted callers and even perform a reverse lookup so you know who is calling you.

Who It’s For: People who dislike being interrupted with calls or texts while in the middle of something.

Compatible With: Android | Cost: Free, but you can pay $1.99/month for reverse lookup.

Loky by StanByMe

What It Does: Loky creates a secure zone on your phone where you can store photos, files, text messages, and call logs.

Who It’s For: Spies and others who need to carry around confidential documents on their mobile devices.

Compatible With: Android | Cost: $4.99

Picture Safe by David Fumberger

What It Does: Picture Safe locks down all those embarrassing and otherwise compromising photos you may have. The app can also be used to import and manage large amounts of photographs from your PC to your phone.

Who It’s For: People with thousands of revealing photos; former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Compatible With: iOS | Cost: $1.99

Spoofcard by Teltech

What It Does: Spoofcard will show a fake number of your choosing when you call someone. When that person checks their caller ID, the fake number will appear instead of yours. You can also record calls, in case you want a record of conversations.

Who It’s For: Prank callers and people who don’t want others to know their private numbers.

Compatible With: Android, iOS, RIM, Windows Mobile | Cost: Free to download, but it will cost you $5 for 25 minutes of use.

CATE by IMP Enterprises

What It Does: CATE (which stands for Call And Text Eraser) lets you hide text messages and calls from contacts on your blacklist. Unlike Call Control, CATE won’t block calls from numbers on your blacklist. Instead, the app will store any messages from those contacts in a locked folder on your phone for your eyes only.

Who It’s For: The cheating spouse who needs to hide his or her communications with a lover.

Compatible With: Android | Cost: $2.99

Spyphone Gold Internet by Spyera Software

What It Does: What doesn’t it do? Spyphone Gold Internet lets you track people’s GPS locations, intercept and listen in to their phone conversations, and read their email and messaging logs. You can remotely activate a phone and use it as a bug to hear what people are saying.

Who It’s For: Jealous spouses, overbearing parents, and/or the NSA

Compatible With: iOS (jailbroken), Android (rooted), RIM, Windows Mobile, Symbian | Cost: $499 (for 12 months)

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