DICE Swaps Battlefield 3 ThreatHammer for BanHammer

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Didn't your parents tell you cheaters never prosper? Or wait, is it "cheaters never win, liars never prosper"? Or maybe "Liars shouldn't gamble, cheaters can't reproduce"? So confused.

Whatever the case, if you've been scamming the Battlefield 3 beta, which purposefully runs without anti-cheating tools, know that it's all part of EA DICE's diabolical plan to put the virtual thumbscrews to ne'er-do-wells in preparation for the military-themed first-person shooter's multiplatform launch late this month on October 25. The company's basically running a high-stakes experiment, to see what players do, given unfettered (well, more than less, anyway) access.

Think you know a cheater? DICE's community manager put up a thread for players to go all Scarlet Letter on suspected rapscallions. If that sounds a little McCarthyist, remember it's a game with terms and conditions, not a platform for dissent. You're encouraged to post the names of hypothetical cheaters here, though you'll need beta access to view the thread.

According to DICE, if those reported are found guilty of flimflammery, "The hammer will fall swiftly and accurately."

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