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Turtle Wallpaper

At a Glance
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Sometimes I feel like a turtle plodding through the weeds as I plunk away at my keyboard, trudging through mundane tasks. On those days I should load Tom Reinert's whimsical Turtle wallpaper and lighten up my mood.

This simply designed wallpaper image shows an enterprising turtle floating off into the wild blue (or rather light blue-gray) yonder, wide-eyed with excitement--a much better image to get me through my workday than being stuck in the weeds.

Turtle comes to us courtesy of the designer, Tom Reinert, and the Simple Desktops website, which features beautifully designed and distraction-free wallpapers.

Note: To load this wallpaper, just download the file and right-click it, then select Set as desktop background. If your browser opens the image automatically, right-click the page itself and select Set As Desktop Background (your browser may use different wording).

--Kim Saccio-Kent

At a Glance
  • This whimsical screen saver puts an enterprising turtle on your desktop.


    • Whimsical turtle
    • Soothing colors


    • None
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