Lab Tested: AMD's Bulldozer Packs Plenty Of Cores, But Not Enough Power

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Testing: Gaming

Our gaming tests consisted of a pair of top-tier DirectX 11-enabled titles: Crytek's Crysis 2 and Codemasters's Dirt 3. They’re both quite capable of taxing a system once all of the bells and whistles are turned on. I tested both games at two resolutions: 1920-by-1080 pixels and 2560-by-1600 pixels, on 30-inch displays. The games’ settings were cranked up, with anti-aliasing set to 4x.

We’ll start with Crysis 2. The original Crysis brought lesser PCs to their knees, demanding premium hardware to achieve playable framerates. While things have improved and the game is no longer the resource hog it once was, it’s still more than capable of stressing a PC’s capabilities.

As we saw with our synthetic benchmarks, the Core i5-2500K is the winner. But you’d be hard pressed to actually see the difference with results this close.

The end result is about the same for Dirt 3.

At the higher end of our tests, the FX-8150 takes something like a lead, but doesn’t pull away much further than the Core i5-2500K managed to when we tested Crysis 2.

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At a Glance
  • AMD FX (Bulldozer) CPU Family

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