In Pictures: Global iLines for Apple's iPhone 4S

Long queues were the norm at Apple Stores around the world as the new iPhone 4S went on sale Friday. Even Steve Wozniak waited in line in California.

Patience, My Friend

Thousands of people around the world either slept outside an Apple Store, or are currently queuing to get their hands on the iPhone 4S. In London, (shown here) long lines were still in place midday GMT.

Photo: Ron Nguyen

Rainy Day

Rain didn’t put a dampener on those queuing for an iPhone 4S in Arlington, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C.

Photo: Frank Gruber

Hello Woz!

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak waited all night in line at the Los Gatos, California, Apple Store for an iPhone 4S.

Photo: Garry O

Midnight Wait

People brought chairs with them to wait in the queue for an iPhone 4S in Montreal.

Photo: Shiku963

Parlez-vous Francais?

It was a sunny morning in Paris, as people began queuing for the iPhones just after dawn.

Photo: Mike_Paris

Houston, We Have iPhones

Campers outside the Apple Store in Houston, Texas, slept in line before getting their new gadgets.

Photo: Dacooper22


In London, Apple Store employees busily activated iPhone 4Ss at the Covent Garden store.

Photo: Chotanan


Look familiar? Eager buyers-to-be outside the Tokyo Apple Store.

Photo: Makkiiii


Australians left tributes to Steve Jobs while in the queue for the iPhone 4S in Sydney.

Photo: Paris


Tributes for Jobs were also left outside the Osaka, Japan, Apple Store.

Photo: Yuppo0102


People in line in Nashville, Tennessee, napped before getting their hands on their new iPhone 4S.

Photo: Fred Town


Waitees in Louisville, Kentucky, got to fritter away the hours inside a mall.

Photo: Shaneo


No Apple Store seems to escape the long lines. This one is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

You can get more live photo updates from the iPhone 4S launch day at InstaQueue, a mashup project from Riot Hacknight.

Photo: Apolitik

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