DNA Art Brings a Whole New Meaning to Personal Portrait

[Photo: DNA 11]
DNA 11 makes art out of your DNA sequence, fingerprint, or kiss imprint, taking the idea of a personal portrait to a whole different level. Want your DNA sequence hanging above your bed? Simply make your color and size choices, send away for your collection kit, swab your cheek, send the kit back, and voilà--you have a canvas print that is as personal as it can get. Fingerprints are collected using ink and kiss imprints with lipstick.

You can also get an ancestry portrait, where your DNA is used to track your linage. Once your genetic ancestry is complied, DNA 11 will create a personal Webpage for you. Then, DNA 11 makes a QR code for your Webpage and prints it on canvas.

You can order portraits from DNA 11's Website, but the company has also launched a new website, DNA 11 Labs, where you can take your personal art to new mediums.

DNA 11 Labs allows you to vote, through Facebook, on proposed products to leave your mark on, which include DNA rugs, DNA wallpaper, a bowl printed with your fingerprint, and a water wall with a glass facade of your DNA sequence. Based on which items get the most votes, DNA 11 will make them available for purchase. You can also submit a product idea of something you’d like to see. If your idea is chosen for vote, DNA 11 will reward you with a $1000 gift certificate.

[DNA 11 via The Next Web]

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