Introducing the Technophile: Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

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Are you into technology? I mean, are you really into technology?

If you’ve found this blog, you certainly know the ins and outs of your computer, have a speedy Wi-Fi network, and own a latest-generation smart phone or tablet.

And chances are you think that’s just not good enough.

You want to know what’s coming out next, when you can get it, and what it’s going to do for you when it arrives.

So do I.

The tech world moves fast, and keeping up with it isn’t as easy as you’d expect. Unless you enjoy sitting in on dry-as-dust industry seminars and reading white papers, getting a solid handle on next-gen gear can be fraught not just with boredom but with a confusing array of jargon that can leave even seasoned tech-heads spinning.

Fortunately I love all this stuff, and I make it my business to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the tech world on a daily basis. I’m adept at translating the aforementioned jargon into language that you can more readily understand – and I’m here to explain why these technologies are important, and how they’re going to be useful to you.

But a look at what’s ahead isn’t all this blog will offer: Adding products to your wish list will only get you so far, after all. That’s why the Technophile will be telling you how to get the most out of the products you already own, too. I’m a power-user, to be sure – and after sitting with this blog for a bit, you will be, too.

So roll up your sleeves and crack your fingers: We’re going to get down and dirty with technology – and you’re going to love it.

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