Recover From System Recovery Malware

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An error message pops up telling you that your system is in serious trouble, perhaps a hard drive failure. Your only solution is to pay for the full version of the program that identified the problem: System Recovery.

Except that your hard drive is really just fine. Your computer is in trouble, alright, but just not the kind of trouble that System Recovery is telling you about. Your problem is malware infection, and the name of the malware is System Recovery.

This is a rogue or Fake AV, a malware program that warns you of a problem on your computer that doesn't really exist, then informs you that the only fix for the problem is buying the full version of the program. Amazingly enough, when you pony up the money, the problem actually seems to go away. Except that the problem never existed, criminals now have your credit card number, and your computer is still infected with malware that can be used for other purposes.

What other purposes? According to a PC1 News article, the System Recovery rogue, part of the FakeSysDef Family, can mess with your search results. Search for something on Google or one of its competitors, and the top results in the search will be the ones that the criminals want you to click on.

If you get a message from a program called System Recovery, don't do what tells you to do. It's lying. And if another program you've never heard of pops up with a warning, that one is probably lying, too. Search for the some phrases from the message (perhaps you should do this search on another computer) to see what you can find out about this particular rogue.

Your best protection is a good antivirus program that you update regularly. Trend Micro's Titanium will protect you from getting this infection in the first place. If you are already infected, first try Trend Micro's free online service, HouseCall.

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