Lookout Releases Mobile Security App On iOS

Lookout, already a well known name among Android enthusiasts, is looking to give iPhone users a hand when it comes to protecting their mobile data.

Lookout allows you to easily backup and restore your contacts list.
Today, the company launched its mobile security app in Apple’s App Store. Lookout Mobile Security on iOS trades the virus scanner, found on the Android version, for a slick and friendly UI. The app will warn you if you are connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi, show you which apps are currently transmitting your location, as well as tell you if your phone has been jailbroken. Lookout Mobile Security will also let you backup your contacts to the Lookout servers to make it easier to move from one device to another. You can even backup your contacts on Android and restore them on an iOS device (or vice versa).

There is also a feature that allows you to find your iPhone, but it does decidedly less than Apple’s Find My iPhone service. You can still locate your device and make it scream, but you can’t remotely wipe or lock your phone.

The app is free, and is worth checking out if you are especially concerned about mobile security. Though most of the malware we see is on Android, that doesn’t mean iOS users shouldn’t be cautious about mobile security. After all, it doesn’t take much to expose your sensitive data to prying eyes.

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