iTar Turns Your iPad Into an Instrument, Invites You to Start Strumming

If you’re ready to step it up a notch from Guitar Hero without actually having to pick up and learn a guitar, the iTar seems like it'd be a great choice. Not to be confused with the MANTARAY iTar we mentioned in 2010, this beauty is brought to you by Starr Labs, the iTar is a nifty dock that turns your iPad on its side and becomes a “neck”, complete with strings that can actually be fingered. Hold it in the usual guitarish way, and you can fiddle with the iPad screen and play with the neck to create a nifty little guitar controller.

Starr Labs is best known by making high-end MIDI guitar controllers for people with a lot of money, but iTar is intended to bring a similar level of awesome to the user for roughly a tenth of the cost (the iTar would sell at $200). Even more exciting, the iPad’s touchscreen and computing power open up possibilities to use iTar not only as a guitar, but as a drumkit, synth, compositional tool, teaching aid and pretty much anything you can dream up and code an app for.

To get the iTar dock/neck into mass production, Starr Labs has gone to Kickstarter and is looking for investors to get the ball rolling. They’re looking to drum up $50,000 by December 6, so time is a bit tight. If you’re interested, you could potentially give them a hand.

[Starr Labs on Kickstarter via Wired Gadget Lab]

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