Top 15 Apps Enhanced for iOS 5

iOS 5 isn't just an operating system--it's a revolution. We collected 15 apps and games that make full use of the new functionality available in Apple's latest mobile OS.

Taking Advantage of iOS 5

Apple includes over 200 new features in its iOS 5 software update for iPhones and iPads, and many of them add some cool new functionality to apps and games. You can now mirror your iPad's screen on a TV (assuming you have an Apple TV box) and enjoy multiplayer games with your friends, or use iCloud integration to pick up your games and documents on a different device, easily.

Here are some apps that take advantage of these new features, or that received a special revamp for iOS 5. (Note that some of these features, such as AirPlay mirroring and voice dictation, require an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4S.)

Real Racing 2 HD

Real Racing 2 HD received a major update for iOS 5. Now AirPlay integration allows for full 1080p resolution on your TV screen (without any black borders), and you can play in AirPlay with up to three friends simultaneously.

Price: $4


Diversion is a fun and addictive platform game with 140 levels, made better with AirPlay mirroring in iOS 5 for big-screen action. iCloud integration lets you switch from one iOS device to another, and also brings Game Center achievement notifications.

Price: $1


The updated Djay app now integrates with iCloud, so you can back up and sync song settings (such as cue points). It also adds AirPlay integration for playing tunes wirelessly, and it can display info and artwork for the currently playing song on the device's lock screen.

Price: $20

Double Across

Double Across, the popular multiplayer crossword game, has been updated for iOS 5. It now has support for Game Center's turn-based multiplayer feature, which allows up to six players, or up to 15 simultaneous games with anyone around the world.

Price: $4


Once Apple released iOS 5, Facebook finally decided that the iPad was mobile enough for a Facebook iPad app. (It also issued a refreshed iPhone app.) The app lets you browse photos in full screen at higher resolution, and it integrates with Facebook apps and games that have an iOS counterpart (FarmVille, Words With Friends, and the like).

Price: Free

Find My iPhone

Apple's Find My iPhone app, designed for locating lost iOS devices, has been updated for iOS 5. It now lets you locate not only iPhones, iPads, and iPods, but also your Mac, assuming you have OS X 10.7.2 and the Find My Mac feature of iCloud enabled.

Price: Free

Gem King

Gem King is a brand-new game that makes good use of simple, but useful, iOS 5 features. In your gem-collecting quest, you can pick up where you left off playing on another iOS device, thanks to iCloud integration; you can use AirPlay TV mirroring to play on the big screen, too. You'll also find native iOS 5 Twitter integration, Game Center achievements, and leaderboards.

Price: Free


The GoodReader PDF reader and annotator adds iCloud support in iOS 5. You can copy or move files to the new iCloud storage folder; they'll then sync to iCloud, becoming accessible across multiple iOS devices. And AirPlay integration lets you stream audio files.

Price: $5


Instapaper, the offline-reading app, underwent a full face-lift once iOS 5 arrived. The iPad and iPhone browsing interfaces are completely redesigned, the app now integrates Wikipedia (for looking up words), and a new search feature and app directory showcase other apps that integrate Instapaper.

Price: $5


Apple's Keynote presentation app is now AirPlay compatible, so you can present wirelessly on a big screen via Apple TV. While presenting, you can view presenter notes and use the laser pointer on the iPad. The updated app also includes general enhancements, such as new builds and transitions, as well as options for looped slideshows. Presentations automatically sync with iCloud.

Price: $10


Mathboard, an app for teaching math to elementary-school children, is now more useful thanks to its iOS 5 update. AirPlay TV integration brings Mathboard to the big screen, where you can use the quizzes feature to play interactive learning games.

Price: $5


OmniFocus, an advanced task management app, has been updated for iOS 5. OmniFocus now uses location reminders, which can be handy for when you're in the correct area to complete a task. It also offers several improvements in maps and forecasts, as well as an enhanced task editor and better syncing with the Mac app.

Price: $40


Apple's Pages received an iOS 5 update. On an iPhone 4S, Pages can now take advantage of the built-in dictation feature. General updates include the ability to create footnotes and endnotes, and your documents automatically sync with iCloud.

Price: $10

Pocket God

Pocket God, one of the best-selling iOS games, adds iOS 5 multiplayer functionality for turn-based gameplay via Game Center. It also brings iCloud integration and fresh content.

Price: $1


iOS 5 brings native Twitter integration, so you can tweet whatever you like from anywhere in the OS. The official Twitter app also received some updates: It's now integrated with Twitter's official photo-sharing feature, and it has a new direct message interface (on the iPad) with threaded conversations presented in chronological order.

Price: Free

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