12 Futuristic Movie Gadgets We Need Right Now

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6. The Bond Glasses (The World Is Not Enough)

The other Bond gadget that might be fun to own? You guessed it: TheX-ray glasses. Used in 1999'sThe World Is Not Enough, the special shades let our agent see through clothing to look for hidden weapons and -- ahem -- other "assets."

One caveat: If these ever get invented, please: No one tell the TSA.

7. The Replicator (Star Trek)

You know, I'm in the mood for a steak sandwich. If only I had some kind of contraption that could whip one up in a jiff...

Wait a minute: Thereissuch a contraption. It just isn't in our universe quite yet. I'm talking about the replicator, theStar Trek-series device that synthesizes meals on demand. It doesn't stop with digestible delights, either: The replicator can create almost any object, ranging from breathable air to spare parts for your interstellar vessel.

Scientists have beenworking on similar technologyfor us earthlings for years -- and to their credit,3D printinghas come a long way -- but until I can get my on-demand steak sandwich, there's plenty of work left to be done.

8. The Transporter (Star Trek)

Star Trek's most famous gadget may also be its most impressive. The transporter takes you from one place to another in seconds, converting your body into energy and beaming you to a new location. And you don't even have to be named Scotty to operate it.

Just think: You'd never have to squeeze into a coach class seat again.

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9. The Helicopter Hat (Inspector Gadget)

Speaking of avoiding airports, how nice would it be to handle your own air travel -- by simply starting up the helicopter on your hat?

TheInspector Gadgethelicopter hat could save us all time, money, and frustration. It could also give us great satisfaction in being able to shout "Go, go, gadget hat!" without being whisked away to an asylum.

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10. The Sonic Screwdriver (Doctor Who)

From the TV series to the movie, the sonic screwdriver fromDoctor Whohas more than proven its value. This normal-looking gizmo is anything but ordinary: It can open any lock, expose any alien, and even repair any faulty electronic equipment.

I don't know about you, but that's one gadget I'd happily put on my tool belt.

(Note to self: Buy a tool belt.)

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11. The Universal Remote (Click)

The all-powerful remote from Adam Sandler's 2006 movieClickis like TiVo on steroids: It lets you pause, skip, fast-forward, or replay any moment in your life.

Of course, Sandler's character in the movie gets a little out of control with his clicker-given powers. But if we had one, we'd totally use it in moderation -- right?

Oh, and a bonus: The remote comes with Christopher Walken as your personal (albeit somewhat creepy) tech support agent.


Taking out the trash could be a thing of the past if we all had our own personal WALL-E assistants. WALL-E, the star of Pixar's 2008 film of the same name, is a robot built to clean up the junk-laden planet humans have left behind. He takes trash into his robot tummy, compacts it, and gets it out of the way.

Put him in a happier environment -- say, my apartment -- and WALL-E could do wonders. Plus, I suspect he and my Roomba would really get along.

Author JR Raphael does not own any robots, but he does dance like one. Join JR at his geek-humor getaway,eSarcasm.com, and follow him onFacebook,Twitter, orGoogle+.

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This story, "12 Futuristic Movie Gadgets We Need Right Now" was originally published by ITworld.

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